A successful team depends on strong parent support! Our objective for the upcoming season is to clarify roles of volunteers and increase parent involvement. Our long-term team goal is to host our own dual meets, which requires many volunteers.

Volunteer Options

  • At meets, timing is the best way to see your child's races up close and personal, and the splashes from the swimmers will keep you cool in the heat! All you have to do is click a button on a stopwatch and write down the times. We are required to provide 2 timers at large meets, which are City Relays and Districts. To properly hold a dual meet in a 6-lane pool, a minimum of 13 timers are required: 2 for each lane, plus a backup timer. Ideally, the 2 timers in each lane should be from different teams, so we should aim to have 6 volunteers ready to time in each dual meet we attend.
  • To get all our swimmers to meets, we appreciate parents who will drive groups of them there. This increases safety (fewer student drivers), and it improves parking at the many pools with very limited space. Sometimes volunteers would drive rented vans, but if you have a large vehicle and are willing to use it, this will help the team reduce expenses.
  • Prior to some meets, the team has a potluck pasta dinner at a teammate's home, and we need families who are willing to host a pasta dinner. If you wish to provide food, you certainly may, but the rest of the athletes will be assigned dishes to bring.
  • At larger meets, someone must be in charge of food. We must provide food items for the officials and coaches, and we should provide some waters and healthy snacks for our swimmers to withstand these longer meets.
  • You could go above and beyond and judge during meets. For swimming, this would require training and earning a certificate through the FHSAA and USA Swimming. Diving is less formal, but certainly requires knowledge of the sport; if more athletes dive for Alonso, we will definitely need volunteer judges.

Organizational Roles

Currently, our parent leaders include:

Vacant roles include:

  • Vice President - You will support Karla during the 2019-2020 season in coordinating various team matters, with the intent to continue the following season and take over as Team President in the 2021-2022 season.
  • Assistant Business Manager - You will support Karina during the 2019-2020 season in coordinating financial matters, and take over as Business Manager in the 2020-2021 season.
  • Head Timer - Prior to each meet, you will confirm which Alonso volunteers will time. At the meet, you will be responsible for bringing the team stopwatches, communicating with the host team to verify the number of timers needed, explaining timing procedures to our parent volunteers, and collecting the watches at the conclusion of the meet. You might even do some timing yourself!